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Aspire Mynus Vaporless Device - Coming Soon

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The future of vaping is upon us, the ability to vape undetected where ever your journey takes you is now possible with Aspire X Wick Liquor Vaporless technology. 

Contact our team to find out more About the Aspire Mynus Vaporless Device.  

Key Features:


1. Automatic draw

2. Pre-filled disposable system – 0.9ml capacity

3. Innovative vapourless technology

4. Remarkably small

5. Precision designed for comfort

6. 3.5V constant output

7. 20mg Wick Liquor high-hit strength vapourless liquid in 3 unique flavours


Colours and Flavours:


Red: Rich Tobacco


Black: Mixed Fruit


Grey: Icy Menthol


Strength and Type – 20mg Wick Liquor Vapourless


Capacity – 0.9ml per Mynus – Circa 180 inhales per unit


Size – 45x45x13 mm


Battery Technology - Built in Li-po battery, battery capacity: 150 mAh


Coil – Nichrome nano coil technology – 1.8ohm resistance


Material - Mynus is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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